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Wondering whether to choose a steel water tank or a poly tank?

Why a steel water tank


Because sometimes size does matter

Pioneer Water Tanks use strong, durable and proven BlueScope steel for our water tanks.  When purchasing a poly water tank customers are often left with greater costs because they need multiple tanks. The reason for this is that poly tanks generally store up to a maximum of 50,000L of water and the average person consumes 100,000L or more in a year.

By comparision standard Pioneer Water Tank sizes go right up to 500,000 litres. We can also customise to any storage capacity, height or footprint you require. This means we can save you money with one steel water tank offering exceptional quality, strength and value. Pioneer Water Tanks also give customers additional peace of mind with a 20 year warranty included with all water tank purchases.


Peace of mind 

The Wimmera Mallee's dry climate makes bushfire season and fire fighting a serious consideration. Poly tanks are made of plastic and are unable to weather and sustain the heat and intensity of a bush fire. Pioneer Water Tanks have been fire tested by the Australian Government Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre. Pioneer Water Tanks are designed to maintain their structural integrity and retain water during and after exposure to a fire front.


Why a steel water tank is best

The remnants of a poly tank after the Black Saturday fires at King Lake.

Fire ready

Did you know that with one fitting upgrade on your standard water tank, you can combine your domestic and fire water storage into one cost effective, space efficient, good looking Pioneer Water tank.  

Upgrading our standard water tank package to include a fire services compatible fitting also meets most council regulations.

Please note we recommend you confirm exactly what is required with your local council to be certain.


Picture of fire tank 

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