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What size Water tank do I need?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Every customer and situation is different.  However there are a couple of points you should give thought to when determining which size to purchase. Feel free to contact us to discuss these further but to get you started consider the following:


1.  What is the size of your water catchment surface/roof?

It’s important to calculate how much water you can potentially harvest when considering what size you need.

The equation is fairly simple.

Catchment area (m2) x Rainfall (mm) = Potential number of litres available to be harvested. 

Normally you would consider the average annual rainfall for your area but it's also worth analysing the amount of rain during your peak your wet season.

Click on this link to visit Farmonlineweather's website which is a great, easy to understand page documenting rainfall for anywhere in Australia.

 Harvestable water equation


2.  What will you be using the water for?

There are many and varied purposes for water stored in a water tank which in turn effects the size of the water tank you need. For instance if you intend using your water tank for domestic use, the rough rule of thumb is the average person uses 150 litres of water per day.  If you require a water tank for fire fighting purposes or to satisfy a permit requirement, the type of water tank and fittings will vary depending on your shire or council's specfiications. Fittings for your water tank will also vary depending on which fire service protects your area. If your water tank is to provide a water source for livestock or agriculture it varies again depending on quantities and other water sources available.



3.  How much space do you have?

The last thing to consider is how much space you have available to place your water tank. Our standard water tank foot print ranges from 4 metres to 14 metres in diameter.  However if you have limited space or a specific size footprint in mind, one of the benefits of purchasing a steel water tank is the ability to customise it in both height and diameter.


4. Contact the experts! (thats us by the way)

Once you have considered each of these first 3 points you will be better informed to decide which size water tank will best suit your needs, but there really is no substitute for hands on knowledge and with over 12 years experience selling and installing water tanks you can feel confident with our advice.

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